Vintage, not Original, Pet Rock Manual

Found this (link below). I’m not changing anything, typos and spelling included. History makes mistakes. People shouldn’t always come along and fix them.

There is this one pet that doesn’t cost a lot of money or your time….. that’s right. A Rock!A pet rock.

It’s Great because it requires no work. You don’t need your parent’s permission to get one. Makes a nice paperweight. They don’t drop fur or feathers all over the place and, of course, don’t eat, bite or poop. and doesn’t complain at all.

It’s not so good because it just sits there and don’t want to talk.

The best part, they don’t have any requirements and come free of cost. All we have to do is look by the side of the road.

Pet Rocks are ideal for both the inexperienced pet owner and for those who are too busy to spend a lot of time on pet care.

When you have learned a little on training and maintaining them you could easily add to your pocket money by selling them to friends and relatives or your local shops.

How to select your Pet Rock

As with the selection of any pet, you will need to know exactly what you want from your pet Rock. you might want to carry around with you to keep you company and show off or, you may want a Rock to guard your house when you are not home.

So, in this case, the Guard Rock needs to be quite large and fierce looking and will need quite a large space to live in. Guard Rocks also like to sit out in the front garden watching the world go by while smaller Pet Rocks love to live on or near the computer.

After you work out the size that you want finding your new companion is not a problem anymore.

Don’t make the mistake of taking the first rock that you see because each will have a different personality. Take your your time and choose the best.

Making your Pet look good

The look of your chosen pet rock would depend on the size, shape and texture to give it the best style and finish..

It will need a mouth, eyes of course, and you may also want to give it ears, a tail and legs to make it look like the pet you want to keep for a long long time.

Let your imagination flow while you decorate your Pet Rock with paint, fur, feathers or almost any other available stuff. Make it look nice.

A Guard Rock, should be of waterproof materials and glue, incase you would like to sit out in the front garden and soak in the sun together.

Once you are finished with decorating your pet, make sure you have a name for it ready at hand.

Make your pet rock listen to you.

All you need to do is……………..ask them to “Sit” and that’s about it.

Make it firm but deliver in a caring tone.

You should take your pet for a long walk at least once a week Unless you have a very large Guard Rock .

Avoid giving your pet rocks (as with any other animals) chocolate or sweets and cakes as it will make them sick.

Share your family of Pet rocks with others…….for a price of course!

Once you have mastered the decoration and training of Pet Rocks you may wish to make a little business of them.

Pet Rocks can be sold to friends and relatives or you can even get them sold by some of your local shops.

you can talk to pet shops, novelty shops and newsagents. if you want them in the shops.

You will find it easier to get shops to take them if you offer the Pet Rocks on a consignment basis. That is, where the shop displays them and pays you as each is sold.

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Welcome to a Pet Free Site

This site is about being pet free and giving a voice to people who choose not to keep pets and/ or don’t agree with having pets in public places.

In my case, I do like animals but I’m allergic to them. I don’t want animals in the stores I would like to shop in. Service animals are necessary – pets are not.

I don’t like animals kept in cages, especially in small urban places. Farm animals are fattened up for eating so why do people let pets get fat?

I don’t like exotic pets or interbreeding of species which does not save species just mutates them and makes them¬†unsavable.

I don’t like hunting animals for sport, though I understand the need to cull animals due to the fact the natural predators have long been killed off to make way for shopping malls, condominiums, etc.

Being pet free has very little to do with being child free. I don’t view animals (pets) as children. Animals should include ourselves, we are not so far above the food chain as some of us like to think.¬† I will never be a parent to a pet, an animal of a different species. A pet, once fully grown, is an adult animal and should be given enough respect not to be treated as an infant.

I will write more later. Just setting this site up today.