Genetically Mutated Pets

Source: GenPets

Genpets are advertised online, at a faux web site, that promises allergen-free, child-safe, low-maintenance genetic pets. They look like human-animal hybrids.

“While the Genpets hang on the store shelves they are in a form of hibernation. Each Genpet package has a special nutrient feeding tube attached to it, supplying our specially formulated mix and keeping them healthy and asleep,” according to a Genpets features section.

Review (above quotes) by Treehugger.

Pet Jellyfish

Fish make quiet pets. Fake fish, or jellyfish, make even better pets. A friend posted this to Facebook today. No one guessed they were fake until she said so. How often does anyone see jellyfish to know better. But, she said they do move. A great fake pet. All you have to do is keep the tank and water clean, but without pet food and poo that won’t be such a big job.

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